Vos guides et l'Univers vous félicitent, pour quoi ?

Your guides and the Universe congratulate you, for what?

Your guides and the Universe congratulate you, for what?

Why do your guides, your angels and the universe wish to congratulate you today? What positive things have you accomplished in their opinion that are worth highlighting? If you want to find out, this draw is for you.

The 3 prints are made with the Enneagram Oracle that I created.
I interpret the prints through my knowledge of the enneagram, reading the cards and my intuition.

The enneagram is a fantastic tool for self-knowledge and millennial personal and spiritual development. The Enneagram Oracle was created based on this age-old knowledge.

Draw with 3 choices:

  • 👉 1:23: 3 possible choices
  • 🤍 1:34: white feather
  • 🧡 4:19: orange feather
  • 🖤 ​​7:53: black feather

"It is with kindness, humility and respect for your life journey that I deliver to you these messages transmitted by the infinite wisdom of the Enneagram Oracle. I hope this draw will help you on your way and that it will will enlighten you to more light, joy and love.
Thank you for your trust." 🙏


Elena Duvernay , creator of The Enneagram Oracle

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