Qu'est-ce qu'il (elle) me cache ?

What is he/she hiding from me?

What is he/she hiding from me?

What is he/she hiding from you? You feel something and don't know what it is, you ask yourself questions? If you ask yourself this question, this draw is made for you.

The 3 prints are made with the Enneagram Oracle that I created.
I interpret the prints through my knowledge of the enneagram, reading the cards and my intuition.

The enneagram is a fantastic tool for self-knowledge and millennial personal and spiritual development. The Enneagram Oracle was created based on this age-old knowledge.

Draw with 3 choices:

  • 👉 1:42: 3 possible choices
  • 🧡 2:04: orange feather
  • 🖤 ​​4:39: black feather
  • 🤍 7:45: white feather

"It is with kindness, humility and respect for your life journey that I deliver to you these messages transmitted by the infinite wisdom of the Enneagram Oracle. I hope this draw will help you on your way and that it will will enlighten you to more light, joy and love.
Thank you for your trust." 🙏


Elena Duvernay , creator of The Enneagram Oracle

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