Livre Le Grand Livre de l'ennéagramme

Book The Great Book of the Enneagram

The Great Enneagram Book - Chabreuil

The Great Book of the Enneagram

Discover the 9 personality types

Get to know yourself and understand others better

Using the Enneagram Every Day

Fabien and Patricia Chabreuil

Fabien and Patricia Chabreuil founded the French Enneagram Institute in 1993, which means that they are passionate about the enneagram and have a great command of this tool for self-knowledge.

The first strong point of this book is its airy presentation. Although dense, it is pleasant to read thanks to the illustrations which regularly dot the book as well as the examples of daily life.

Then, it is very well constructed and presents the enneagram and the types of personalities in a progressive and more and more precise way over the pages. The authors also discuss personality types in terms of their preferred communication type and work attitude.

Finally, avenues for development are offered as well as self-assessment exercises throughout the book.

I particularly liked the end of the book which evokes the ethics of the enneagram which is particularly dear to me.

Nearly 400 pages to deepen your knowledge of the enneagram in a very complete and didactic way!

Good reading !


You can order this book by clicking on the image or by clicking on the following link: Le Grand Livre de l'enneagramme (affiliate link)

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