Livre L'ennéagramme en BD

The Enneagram comic book

Book the enneagram in comics

The enneagram in comics

Better understand your personality and that of those around you

Nathalie Leclef - Johanna Crainmark

The first book that I have chosen to present to you is light but full of practical information to begin with the enneagram.

I like this book very much and have consulted it often. The presentation is airy, it is very easy to access and presents an introduction to the didactic enneagram, easy, well illustrated, and my faith rather complete.

The illustrations make it possible to associate the reading with the image, the layout is airy and very pleasant to read. This book can be read in short chunks, depending on the type of enneagram you are interested in.

In my opinion, this book is perfect for learning about the enneagram. Besides, I continue to consult it regularly because I like it very much! 😉

141 pages of pure pleasure to discover the enneagram!

Good reading !


You can order this book by clicking on the image or by clicking on the following link: the enneagram in comics (affiliate link)

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